Smart Premise Services

Smart home and business services are now available from Community Digital Wireless! With the help of an innovator in the marketplace, Clear2There, CDW Smart Premise Services can provide you with tools to run your business more efficiently and securely, and provide peace of mind and convenience at home. This service allows you to control various devices from anywhere in the world. CDW Smart Premise Services can perform a wide variety of functions.

• Thermostat/Temperature Control, Monitoring and Alerts
• Live and Recorded Video – Activated by sensors or the user
• Lighting and Electric Appliance Control
• Agricultural Solutions Such As:

o Grain Storage Monitoring
o Fuel Storage Monitoring
o Livestock Facility Monitoring

• Healthcare/Senior Care Solutions Such As:

o Blood Pressure Testing/Recording
o Fall Detection
o Vital Sign Monitoring

• Business Solutions Such As:

o Smart Energy Monitoring and Control
o Facility Access Systems
o Interior and Exterior Video Cameras

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